Certificate application procedureΒΆ

  1. Choose an application form

    1. Client certificate application form
    2. Server certificate application form
  2. Obtain the application form

    1. Users at NAREGI joint research organizations( [1] )
  3. Submit the application form

    Submit the application form after showing the user administrator a personal ID card and a document (e.g., business card) indicating your work position.

  4. Obtain a license ID

    When the application form is accepted, the user administrator will provide you with the following information:

    1. License ID sending guidelines
    2. A NAREGI certification authority CA certificate
    3. A license ID (entered in the certificate application form)

    Visit the URL mentioned in the license ID sending guidelines, and follow the instructions to obtain a certificate from the license ID.

[1]Users at NAREGI joint research organizations are users belonging to the National Institute of Informatics and to organizations bound by agreement and/or contract regarding joint research and development with NAREGI.

Organizations list

  1. Hokkaido University information initiative Center
  2. Cyberscience Center Tohoku University
  3. Information Technology Center,The University of Tokyo
  4. Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
  5. Information Technology Center, Nagoya University
  6. Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University
  7. Cybermedia Center Osaka University
  8. Research Institute for Information Technology Kyushu University
  9. Center for Computational Sciences, University of Tsukuba
  10. Tokyp Institute of Technology Global Scientific Information and Computing Center
  11. High Energy Accelerator Research Organization KEK Computing Research Center
  12. National Institute of Natural Science National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
  13. National Institute of Natural Science Institute for Molecular Science
  14. National Institute of Informatics

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